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MissBigjill is one stop shopping solution for woman needs, esp for accessories fashion forward style. MissBigjill Accessories was founded in 2011. Our office are located in Solo, Indonesia, our offline store available at Lakon Store MKG-3 1st floor and Art&Science Grand Indonesia. We have always working hard to give our customers an easy and joyful shopping experience with us.

Miss Big Jill focuses on using high quality imported pieces, handmade and also selective hand picking for every designs and materials. On the latest drop for this summer season, the brand features an array of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that come in gold, silver, rose gold along with tassels, ribbon, pearl, and feathers for added small yet whimsical details. If you’re over the accessories craze, check out Miss Big Jill jewelry collection here and follow their Instagram for more updates.Our products are stylish and easy to use for daily wear.

Please follow our instagram (@missbigjillacc and @yourowncharm) to see our  newest collection.